Austria, 2nd time

03.05. - 05.05.2012, 105 km




In Reintal we again crossed the Czech-Austrian border, this time in the other direction. We cycled along the Austrian-Slovakian border next to the river March. The day was fairly unspectacular until we finally arrived in the small town Marchegg. There are 60 (!) storks, which we observed extensively in the castle's garden. We camped at a fishing club outside of Marchegg, with the permission of a local hunter.

The next morning, Olli stood up very early at 6:30 a.m., because we wanted to arrive as early as possible in Bratislava in order to have enough time to go sightseeing there. But when I crawled out of the tent at 7 a.m., it unfortunately had started raining and it didn't stop until the evening, so we put our things back into our "one-room-flat" and spent one day longer observing storks and rabbits.



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