05.05. - 06.05.2012, 81 km




Immediately after arriving in Slovakia we went to Bratislava which is situated just next to the border. After a long break on a park bench in the middle of the beautiful old town, we went to McDonald's to set up our office there to use their free internet for uploading new reports on the homepage.

After "work" we looked a little bit around in Bratislava. We would have liked to do that more extensively, especially since there was an open air concert going on right next to the river with great music, but unfortunately we didn't get a positive answer from Warmshowers or Couchsurfing, so we went out of town to find a suitable campsite.

The bike path out of the city is pure paradise for cyclists and inline skaters, but a little bit demanding. We were frequently cut off and had to really watch out not to ram anybody with our heavy bikes. It's like braking a truck on ice at 100 km/h ;) We mastered that well and it was fun not to cycle alone for a while.

The search for a proper place to sleep proved quite difficult, however, because the Danube suddenly divided into two branches and on this island everything was muddy and soggy because of rain the day before. By 8 p.m., shortly before it got dark, we finally asked for the next guesthouse. We immediately found an accommodation but it was a bit run down, way too expensive and because the mattress was a bit disgusting, we spread our plastic tarp over it. At least we were able to have a hot shower for as long as we wanted and to wash our clothes.

Early the next morning it was then: Let's go to Hungary!



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