17. - 19.04.2012 Bavarian Forest - Austrian Border 131 km



On Tuesday we finally left the cabin well rested and rejuvenated to meet the Danube again. After a 12 km climb with an average slope of 8%, which  we - although untrained - oddly mastered quite well, we wanted to go on to the direction of Deggendorf. Road workers, who watched us, asked "Where' have you hidden the elctro motor?" The remaining distance to the Danube we went just downhill. At 5 °C going downhill although is freezing cold and we had to wear our rain jackets and ski masks and had to stop from time to time to thaw our fingers.

After arriving in Deggendorf, we tried to find an internet cafe. In the first, we were promptly sent out again - likely because the owner would rather play World of Warcraft as to serve us. In the second we asked if we could plug in our USB Flash Drive. Response of the employee: "I don't know much about comuters." Finally, we disappointedly went on until Olli suddenly discovered the Deggendorfer newspaper. We just went inside and described our project, after which Mr. Callus and his friendly colleagues let us use one of their computers. We started the computer and full of anticipation we tried to upload the text and the pictures which we had already prepared. But then this: Server down! Michi, our internet support at home, had already warned us that there would be a server move soon. Fortunately, we had paid nothing in any of these internet cafes before. Before leaving again we were photographed for the newspaper with the promise that they want to write a small article about us.

Oudside of Deggendorf we met a nice farmer in Niederalteich who let us refill our water bottles and after asking him for a place to camp he sent us to the ferry terminal, 500 meters away. "You can camp there, no problem". A public toilet was conveniently just around the corner.

The next day we went in perfect weather through sunny Passau ever closer towards the Austrian border. Everything went smoothly and we made good progress. In the evening we arrived in Erlau and asked a guy named Harry for a camp site. His answer: "I know the perfect place for you. 200 meters from here is the sports field and I am memeber of their board. You can stay there. "

While putting up the tent the accident happened. I tipped over Olli's bike and it slammed into a tree. The result was a large dent in the frame. Olli was completely furious and wanted to kill me. We were both pretty down and kept discussing the whole evening whether this means that we need a new framework for Olli.

While searching for an open WiFi in the village, we met Mr. Mager, who let us use his internet at home and who also recommended a good bike shop in the neighboring town to us (Fahrrad Müller in Obernzell).

The next morning we went straight to that bike shop with a bad feeling in our guts and left quite relieved because the dent, according to Mr. Müller, is no big deal but just a beauty problem. With renewed energy and full of anticipation we finally left Germany 10 km later and hit the road to Austria.


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