September 2012


Tehran (Iran),  Barati Street 5, crossroads to Vatanpur Street, Farmaniyeh district, Tel: 22206731

Opening hours:

Sunday to Thursday, 9:00 - 11:00 a.m.

We once also went there in the afternoon and they received us. Locals said, that they work until 2 p.m.



1 passport size photograph

Copy of passport

Copy of Uzbek visa

Application (you get it from them)

Maybe Consular Certificate (or copy) of your embassy, just ask the Turkmens


55, - $ for 5 days transit


You have to specify the exact date of entry and exit. The days of entry and exit also count as part of the 5 days you get for transit (entry day + 3 days + exit day).

Processing time:

Officially 5 working days, which means 1 week of waiting; when there are holidays, then even longer; we had to wait 9 days including the day we gave them our papers


Be there as early as possible (½ - 1 hour before opening) and be prepared to wait for several hours, sometimes much faster... you never can tell. On the right side next to the front door is a small wooden window, in front of which you have to wait. From time to time somebody opens it to accept the papers. Sometimes quite a lot of people are jostling in front of this small window. The worst are the agency guys, and you have to elbow your way through. On your first visit they give you the application form and you can hand over a copy of your passport (you keep the original, since you have to carry it everywhere you go in Iran) and a copy of your Uzbek visa. One week later you have to come back and with a little luck you may then give them the application, the photo, the money in cash in Dollars and your passport to get it back a few minutes later with your visa inside. If you're unlucky, they tell you several times to come back another day.


You have to bring a lot of time, patience and perseverance! Without getting the Uzbek visa before you have no chance and they always need at least a week to process. There is no quicker option. In the past this procedure was qicker but these are the new rules.

Other locations:

Mashhad (Iran):

Theoretically it is possible to apply in Tehran and then pick up the visa in Mashhad. According to reports from other travelers there often occur problems with this option and people then have to wait another week in Mashhad. We are of the opinion, that it is faster and less stressful if you finish everything in Tehran before going on.


Forget it!


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