12. + 13.04.2012 Königsmoos - Lappersdorf (Regensburg) 136 km



At 8:00 a.m. the alarm clock rang. "It's funny," I said to Sonja. . "All this time we have been feverishly waiting for this moment and now it has finally arrived." When we were sitting at breakfast, we at first scoured the newspaper for our article and in fact: we are "famous" now. (Thanks again to Mr. Kuehne from the Neuburger Rundschau for making that possible on such short notice. Thanks also to Brigitte for letting us work with her scanner last minute)

Invigorated from breakfast we loaded the panniers on the bikes and Sonja's parents were really surprised that we got all our belongings on our bicycles.

After saying goodbye to Aunt Erika and Uncle Sepp (Thanks for the lucky pennies. We'll keep them the whole journey.) we finally hit the road at 10 a.m. towards the Danube Bike Path. Sonia's parents accompanied us the first 10 km of our way from Donaumoos to the Danube. (Many thanks to them for their support during the last few weeks of preparation!)

Following the departure of the two, during which several tears were spilled, we were finally alone. A strange feeling, leaving without time pressure. The weather was perfect for cycling and we made good progress, despite our heavy luggage (Olli 50 kg, Sonja 40 kg). Our reputation had preceded us thanks to the newspaper article and we were greeted with: "Are you the guys from the newspaper?" when we stopped to ask for directions. Outside of Ingolstadt then there unfortunately was a bike lane sign slightly twisted, resulting in a small detour of 10 km through beautiful Mailing. That did not bother us: "A little bit of culture won't hurt!"

When we went on, suddenly the idea came to our minds to end our first day's ride in Abensberg to meet our buddy BRI (he designed the great logo in the top left corner) who didn't suspect anything and was really surprised by our visit. We spent a lovely evening together with pasta, beer and playing frisbee and we were allowed to sleep in his conservatory, where it was very comfortable, while it was raining outside.

Enclosed: Of course, Bri, if we should get kidnapped somewhere and a German TV crew happens to film us we will hold your business card into the camera... ;)

The next morning we went back to the Danube in perfect weather passing Kelheim and Bad Abbach (greetings to the harbor master Albert from Boat Club Kapfelberg) to the direction of Regensburg. Here we said goodbye to the Danube for the moment to go along the river Regen to Lappersdorf where Svenja (former fellow student of Sonja) and Michi  were already waiting for us to take us to their hut near Rattenberg in the Bavarian Forest. Our bikes were loaded onto their trailer.


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