Vaccinations & First-aid kit

Here you can find a lot of informations about necessary vaccinations, malaria risk and first-aid kits according to your destination: (in English)

In Germany most of the vaccinations are payed for by the health insurance.



As pharmacist I (Sonja) have packed almost the entire pharmacy:

Painkiller  Diarrhea medication
 Remedy for nausea and vomiting  Electrolytes
 Cough medicine
 Lozenges for sore or itching throat
 Mucolytics  Broad-spectrum antibiotic (doxycycline)
Tablets / ointment for allergy / rash Ointment for (sun)burns
 Antibiotic ointment  Malaria Stand-by
Pills for lactose intolerance  Ointment for healing
 Drops against bact. eye inflammation  Drops for irritated / reddened eyes
 Magnesium for muscle spasms  Herpes ointment or patches
 Spray disinfection Iodine ointment
 Patches  Crepe bandage
 Bandages Sterile dressings
Magnifying glass  Point Tweezers
 Tick ​​removal  Ointment grid
 Latex gloves  Sterile syringes and needles
Sunscreen  Repellent



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