October 2012



India Visa Application Center, Cox and Kings GmbH, Bruderstrasse 5a, 80538 München,

Tel.: +49 89 23231590

Opening hours:




2 biometric photos, 5 x 5 cm

Filled and printed  
online application

Signed order form




6 months

Processing time:

Upon delivery at the counter at least 72 hours, by mail at least 2 weeks


Send documents via DHL to an authorized person at home (second passport needed, which is possible for Germans, in countries where you always have to carry your passport), takes 5 working days, this person then takes everything directly to the counter in Munich , picks the visa up after 3 days, returns them via DHL Express, again  5 working days


If you want to buy a plane ticket to India, this is only possible when you show your visa. Without visa it's only possible to book .

Other locations:

Tashkent (Uzbekistan), Embassy of India (see here)

According to other travelers and staff of the Embassy it's only possible here to get visa for a maximum of  2 or 3 months . Longer visa you probably only get in your home country, which is why we sent home our second passports to apply in Germany for 6 months. If you still want to apply in Tashkent , it's best to arrive at the embassy about one hour before opening. The guards don't speak English, only Russian and Uzbek. Eventually, an employee comes to the window, who speaks English, and hands out numbers. With this number you have to  come back the next day. When there are too many people waiting with lower numbers than yours, it can happen, that you have to come back on several days in a row until you finally are able to give them your papers, and  all the time you have to wait on the road. So you should bring a lot of patience and time . No, thank you! Getting only 2 or 3 months for all this effort isn't worth it, in our opinion .


Not possible! After your visa expired, you have to leave the country for at least 2 months. Only then you can apply for a new visa.


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